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Dreamonkey Srl
via Mazzacurati, 3B
42019 Scandiano (Italy)

Dreamonkey Srl constantly focus on keeping an high security level on our systems and services: contact us if you notice a possible security breach and your email will have maximum answer priority.

We kindly invite you to contact us also if you have problems or complaints.

Privacy Policy

We collect data to enhance our service and enable particular actions to our visitors and/or clients.
Below we describe:
- which pieces of information we may request you;
- the purpose for which we may require them;
- how we'll use them;
- how, and if, we are going to store them on our systems or in those of our clients.

Sensitive data

When subscribing to the service (both via specific form or social login), or later inside the service (e.g. via profile and settings pages), we request and store in out systems some sensitive data used for specific needs:
- contact info (email, phone number): sending updates and service messages, promotion of interaction with the community;
- names (title, first name, family name, nickname) and profile picture: identification within the community;
- birth date: limitation subscription to adults only and profiling;
- residence: location-based promotion of interaction with the community and profiling;
- viewing preferences (language, currency): service localization and profiling;
- additional info (gender, nationality): profiling.

Google Tag Manager

To manage differet traffic analysis services in a centralized way, we use Google Tag Manager.
This service doesn't collect any data about users.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics as traffic monitoring and analysis tool.
This service provides, to us and our clients, information like:
- source of the link which brought you here;
- in which period of the day you came here and how long have you stayed;
- the country and city from where you connected;
- your language prefereces;
- technical data about the device with which you have connected (type, operating system, screen dimensions, used browser).

Data collected by Google Analytics is not saved automatically on our systems, it is used by us for statistical purpose and shared with our clients exclusively when it concerns a service we provide them.
We masked a significant part of the visitors' IP address, reducing geolocation precision, to avoid collecting data too sensible about users.
We revoked from Google Analytics the permission to cross-analyze traffic data collected on web-spaces/applications we manage with other data on their systems, to minimize the identification power of these pieces of information.

You can check Google Analytics privacy policy at this page.
You can check how Google uses data when you use their partners' sites or apps at this page.
You can block Google Analytics monitoring installing this add-on.


We use OneSignal to provide web-push notifications.
You can check which pieces of information are collected by OneSignal, their usage and data derived by them in this page and this section.
Data collected by OneSignal may be stored and/or processed, as a whole or in part, in our systems.

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small file containing a string of characters that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. When you visit the website again, the cookie allows that site to recognize your browser. Cookies may store user preferences and other information. You can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. Some features or services won't function properly without cookies.
All cookies generated by us are encrypted to hide their content from possible malicious users.
Below we describe:
- which cookies we use;
- their content;
- their purpose.


We use a cookie named "cyl_session", which contains a randomly generated identifier, to enable server-side session technology and to store some technical information needed for navigation and/or correct behaviour of the website.

Cross-Site Request Forgery

We use a cookie called "XSRF-TOKEN", which contains a randomly generated token, that checks that all requests done from your browser are legit, blocking XSRF attacks).

Google Analitycs

Through Google Analytics platform, we use first-part cookies which:
- distinguish users;
- distinguish visit sessions;
- identify the service property.
You can see more precise information about cookies that may be installed by Google Analytics and their purpose browsing this page.


We use third party cookies owned by OneSignal platform.
You can see more precise information about cookies that may be installed by OneSignal in this section and interest-based advertising opt-out options in this section.

Social Login - Google & Facebook

Services which can be used to perform the social login generated third-party cookies.
You can see more precise information about cookies that may be installed by different services checking their cookie policies:
- Google;
- Facebook.