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plan and share

organize your life dreams
and share your passions with people like you

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Checkyourlife offers you the right online tools to get it done
and share your experience with your friends and with people like you

open activities
to shape your hobbies, your work and your personal projects
compile checklists
to structure your work, to organize your deadlines and to set your goals
write your diaries
to note down your progress, share pictures, videos and files
chat with people
with common passions to share experiences and personal skills

it doesn’t matter if you are an office worker or a student,
if you are planning your next trip abroad or a wedding,
if you are a cosplayer or a party manager,
if you run a no-profit association or you are a freelancer.

Activities are the core feature

each project of yours
is assigned to a personal activity page linked to your user profile
every activity
can private or shared with the community to inspire others or to get help
the given tools
let you manage in a simple way even the most complicated activities

How to start

register on Checkyourlife
log in the website and complete your profile data.
Open an activity
plan a trip, give a party, list your university exams, make a list of your customers, begin thinking of your wedding… whatever you want to do, open an activity for it!
Update your work
make progress, complete your checklists, share photos and videos of what you are doing and begin opening new activities everytime you need it.


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